a Furious Theatre production


Written by  Nicola Baldwin

Directed by  Sarah Frankcom (1992)

Directed by Helen Sheals (2012)


I’m not marrying you without confetti. It’s up to you. No confetti. No wedding.

Set in Huddersfield during the slump of the early 90s Confetti describes a generation of young people facing dwindling opportunities and desperate choices ….and two young women who come out fighting.

Winner George Devine Award 1993, Time Out Award for Best New Play and shortlisted for Susan Smith Blackburn Prize. Performed at Ovalhouse, and Chelsea Centre Theatre.  Revived in 2012 to launch The Last Refuge, later transferring to Map Café in a site-specific production.

LINDA - Martina Horrigan

JACKIE - Laura Kirman

MARGERY - Nicola Sanderson

SPIKE - Josh Casswell

LES - Jonny Wright

PAUL - Stephen Thompson

ANTON - Adam Patrick Boakes

CAFÉ MAN - Warwick Evans

1992 cast:  Helen Sheals, Nicola Sanderson, Paddy Navin, Francis Lee, David Garvey, Mark Montgomerie, James Holmes

Why I Love The Furious Theatre Collective And Why You Should Too by Laura Crampsie, Female Arts 

 “…the kind of scope that only a genuine poet of the theatre can provide… ‘Confetti’ showers us with the exhilarating experience of encountering a new voice in the theatre. Go see this one.”   Bonnie Greer TIME OUT (Oct 1992)


“Jolly verging on gay…(Confetti) confirms that it’s women writers who are currently making the running. Where, we shall soon be asking, have all the male dramatists gone?”

Michael Billington, The Guardian (February 1993)


Picture 2012:  Carlos J Conway

Picture 1992:  Nicola Baldwin

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