six part drama series for BBC Radio 4


Written by Nicola Baldwin

Directed by Steven Canny


Six part culinary drama series for BBC Radio 4. Three women set up a weekly ‘cake club’ to bake unusual recipes, which become interwoven with the unfolding drama of their lives.


MAGGIE - Lesley Sharp

TESS - Tamsin Greig

SABINA - Nisha Nayar

NICKY - Matthew Dunster

RAY - Neil Dudgeon​

Episodes 3 and 4 written by Amanda Whittington

Scripture Cake

This handwritten recipe falls out of the back of an old book. The ‘ingredients’ are in the form of biblical references, indicated by chapter and verse. Of course, ‘bicarbonate of soda’, for example, isn’t actually in the bible, so you’ll have to be creative in your interpretations

4.5 cups  I Kings Chapter 4, verse 22

1.5 cups  Judges Ch5,25

2 cups  Jeremiah  6, 20

2 cups  I Samuel  30, 12

2 cups  Nahum  3, 12

1 cup Numbers 17, 8

2x 15ml  I Samuel 14, 25

Season to taste with II Chronicle 9, 9

6x 15ml Jeremiah 17, 11

A pinch of Leviticus 2, 13

Half cup Judges 4, 19

2x 15ml Amos 4, 5

Add citron and follow Solomon’s advice for making a good boy – Proverbs, Ch 23, V 14!

Picture 'Works of Art Buns': Louis Milner

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