Royal Exchange Theatre commission

Written by Nicola Baldwin

Directed by Gordon Anderson

Merridale Shopping Centre is a fantastic palace of glass, light and air, and to celebrate its opening a community festival is planned. There’s just one problem; where’s the community gone?  Local DJ Carla Potts has a plan to put the heart back into a heartless place. But it’s a stunt as crazy as they come, with consequences beyond anyone’s wildest expectations.

“Nicola Baldwin’s daringly imaginative new play portrays modern life in a Northern town, and asks how we build our futures given the pain of our pasts?”

CARLA – Lise Stevenson

RUSSELL – Chris Gascoyne

TOLSON – Alan Williams

ROSIE – Sandra Maitland

DON – Eamon Boland

PAUL - Andrew Sheridan

ISABELLE - Zoe Lucker

“There are too many "significant" soliloquies. But the writing is very eloquent, and in less self-conscious passages, such as Rosie's account of her husband's leaving and (of) a Berlin traffic-accident by the Revelation-crazed drunk Tolson (good Alan Williams), it has a very vivid edge.”

Jeffrey Wainright, The Independent


I quote this review because it’s accurate. The Rib Cage was a terrific opportunity with a perfect cast, but I was deep into my ‘Heroine’s Journey’ - juggling commissions and a small child - and writing was a blur. There were some interesting ideas, which still resonate with me. I hope to revisit it one day.​​

Picture: Nicola Baldwin

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